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Analyze vendor performance


Modeling and reporting on your agency’s data.

Aware Vendor Contribution Assessment (VCA) uses a patent model to analyze vendors by applying advanced analytics to Vocational Rehabilitation service and outcome data.

Aware VCA features include:

✔ Track performance and value of each vendor
✔ Improve outcomes for stakeholders
✔ Manage agency resources
✔ Measure vendor return on investment
✔ Patented statistical model

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Vendor Contribution Assessment (VCA)


With Aware Vendor Contribution Assessment (VCA) Software, you can analyze and compare vendors using objective and reliable data. Aware VCA results help users better understand the value of each vendor and determine the return on investment.

These results put users in a better position to manage resources and improve program performance.

Aware VCA defines “value” as the benefit the agency and participants receive as a result of vendor services. Value is calculated using a patent-pending statistical model with criteria and weighting built on the nuances of vocational rehabilitation.

Because each agency has different business practices, we work directly with the agency to develop set appropriate adaptations and develop reports, dashboards and scorecards.

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