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Next-Generation Program Management Tool


Complete hosted solution for BEP Professionals.


Aware Business Enterprise Program (BEP) allows administrators to efficiently manage operations and finances resulting in more time to help blind individuals run successful businesses.

Aware BEP features include:

✔ Federally compliant with RSA-15 generation
✔ Built on the Aware Enterprise framework
✔ Easy-to-use cloud-based application
✔ Fully accessible beyond 508 compliance
✔ Significant time savings

Aware Business Enterprise Program (BEP)


The Aware Business Enterprise Program (BEP) main menu is divided into three sections labeled Setup, Operations and System. Together the eighteen modules in these three sections help organize and track the multiple aspects of the Aware BEP program.

Aware BEP allows agencies to track information about operators and the facilities they manage. This includes tracking equipment at all locations and the work performed on that equipment, managed through work orders. Additionally, Aware BEP has complete accounting functionality to manage the required program accounting and financial processes, including operator revenue, commissions and set aside percentages.

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