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Adaptable and intuitive


Fully integrated and hosted solution.

Aware Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is designed around the natural flow of the case process, making it intuitive and easy-to-use for VR Counselors.

Aware VR features include:

✔ Automates all RSA-mandated reports
✔ Time-saving case management tools
✔ High accessibility standards – 508 compliant
✔ Supports three primary federal case types
✔ Developed on leading technology

Aware Case Management Software for VR


Aware VR offers a comprehensive set of modules and tools grouped by general function. Case, Financial and Organizational modules are each available from the Main Menu (limited, of course, by security access). The features and procedures in Aware VR are consistent and standardized throughout all modules, providing easy navigation and task completion throughout the system. Developed Based on VR Business Practices and Federal Requirements.

Aware VR consists of 17 modules, approximately 300 data pages (screens), more than 350 reports and a central database with over 330 tables. From Aware VR, rehabilitation staff can perform all tasks, collect and access all data required to do the work of case management.

Aware VR supports the three primary federal case types – Vocational Rehabilitation, Independent Living, and Older Blind – and allows agencies to set up their own “custom” case types for special or state-funded programs. Agencies use the flexibility of Aware VR to manage BEP programs, Children’s Services cases, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases and other unique programs within their state.

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