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Providing all hosted and administrative services.

Cloud Services Records Management for Vocational Rehabilitation is a package for Alliance to host and manage your Aware system in a world-class, highly secure data center.

Alliance Cloud Features include:

✔ Manage Services & Subscription Services options

✔ Multiple add-ons

✔ Over 99% system uptime and service availability

✔ Programmed system upgrades

✔ Secure off-site storage and backup

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Alliance Enterprises Cloud Records Management for VR

In addition to providing state-of-the-art Aware Records Management and Aware Analytics software, Alliance provides Cloud Records Management for Vocational Rehabilitation.

This service provides the benefits of the Aware application without your agency bearing the costs and responsibilities of hosting hardware and software internally. This puts the responsibility of hosting Aware in the hands of the company who designed and developed the software.

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Alliance Maintenance and Support Services

Alliance is committed to the success of our customers. Providing two additional forms of maintenance support agreements is our best approach to ensuring that Aware continues to meet agency needs, while maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.

Upgrade, Maintenance and Support (UMS)

✔ Supporting your Aware core system
✔ Keep Aware current with federal regulations
✔ Maintain system compatibility with underlying technology changes
✔ Upgrade system with user requested enhancements

Basic Maintenance and Support (BMS)

Supporting your Aware system extensions:

✔ Ongoing support and maintenance
✔ Conversion of extensions to work with each new release
✔ Remote support for designated agency staff

Add-On Services Available by Request

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